Matched ❤️

It’s taken me a long few days to compose this post because I really don’t know what to say. 😂

But, ❤️I matched❤️ !!

I know y’all know my last name lol I posted this redacted version in a TikTok 😂

I matched with Sarah Lawrence College after interviewing with them, Oklahoma, and Bay Path this cycle. I’m over the moon to go to New York and finally enter the next step of my path to becoming a genetic counselor.

Because I know people have and will ask “Omg you did it! How did you do it?” Let me refer you back to last week’s post and say LUCK LUCK LUCK.

I got extremely lucky with who I interviewed with at SLC and that I was able to connect with them well. I got lucky that I happened to apply to and be offered an interview at a program that turned out to be a wonderful fit for me. I just found the right place at the right time, and as someone who didn’t find that place and time for three cycles, I know that’s an unsatisfying answer.

That’s why I feel inadequate and a bit sheepish writing this post today. I’m no different of a person than I was last week, when I was up all night sick with anxiety, certain I couldn’t do this. I just happened to get lucky this time, stand out to a person or two, and finally find a home in a GC program. If you haven’t found your home yet, I know how much that hurts. We’re an incredible group of individuals and the process of reducing 1600-1700 of us down to 480ish admission slots is extremely daunting. It is 100% normal to not make it in a few times, and it means nothing less of you. I’m rooting for all of you still trying to make it through that bottleneck.

I’m personally looking forward to this summer, where I’ll be posting weekly blogs on various genetic topics. Woohoo, we finally get to move on from application-themed topics cropping up again and again! I really want to cover hereditary cancer more in depth, look into fetal development and pathologies, research counseling strategies, and generally prepare for grad school by studying topics for this blog. Please comment any topics you’d like covered, or any genetic topic you’re an expert in that you can teach me about. I love having guests!

On another topic, I’m pretty overwhelmed right now with the whole moving to the epicenter of the COVID19 pandemic, living on reduced income during grad school, during an economic crisis, and wondering if things will even settle down in time for me to start rotations/observations this fall. But I will figure this out one day at a time. And I’ll of course be updating all of you along the way!

To wrap up, here’s some things I love about my program, and why it was my first choice. 😊

  • Huge network of clinical options, leading to high patient diversity and exposure to many different health systems
  • Large class size that can pool experiences together for the best possible learning experience
  • Near New York City but not like buried in the depths of New York City
  • Focus on unique career paths for genetic counselors and pioneering the future of the field
  • Strong presence of program faculty in the GC Media world. They strive to make genetic counselors’ voices heard!
  • The subway and trains! I hate driving!
I’m the luckiest future genetic counselor 🥰

I’m so excited to share in this journey with all of you. I’m really actually going to be a genetic counselor!!

-Laura Cooper-Hastings, actual real life future GC!

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  1. Hiral says:

    Beautiful one.
    We are bunch of incredible people and process of reducing it to 489 is daunting task and it’s all normal to not make it.❤️❤️


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